The influence of cultural differences on interpersonal communication and the implications towards peer guidance

  • Riska Yanawati Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Bandung, Indonesia


Differences between individuals and cultures contribute greatly to the diversity that exists.This research was motivated by the assumption of researcher thatthe process of interaction that occurs in everyday life we actually do a process called "cross culture" which is the meeting of two different cultures between individuals with each other. The purpose of this studyaims to further examine the influence of these cultures on interpersonal communication of adolescents. The research method uses qualitative approach withsurvey data collection technique through questionnaire interpersonal communication and case study. Respondents are students who come from outside Java Island especially who lives in Bandung randomly. Survey results shows that students has difficulties in interpersonal communication that are influenced by cultural differences. So the development of peer guidance is expected to help in improving the interpersonal communication skills of students who come from outside Java Island in Bandung uses peer guidance with several practice.