The role of guidance and counseling for moral development of children in early age

  • RIRIANTI RACHMAYANIE Universitas Lambung Mangkurat, Banjarmasin, Indonesia


Kindergarten is one form of preschool education for children aged four to six years in preparation to enter basic education. Guidance and counseling in kindergarten is a special assistance process given by teachers or other officers to the students in order to pay attention to the possibility of difficulties faced by the child in order to achieve optimal development.Guidance and counseling should refer to the achievement of child development tasks outlined as the purpose of coaching in kindergarten itself. Therefore, understanding of child development tasks is very useful for educators and especially for counselors.In achieving its developmental tasks, early childhood does not have sufficient ability to self-directed, she should be assisted by adults around her to develop her potential optimally.Therefore, the authors identify the factors that influence the development of early childhood moral in the form of guidance and counseling services from literature studies using literature studies.