The Effectiveness of Appreciative Problem Solving Strategy to Grow Innovative Ideas

  • Rinie Pratiwi Puspitawati Universitas Negeri Surabaya, Surabaya, Indonesia


This study aimed to improve student innovative ideas. Innovative ideas are grown through the management of appreciative learning problem solving. Characteristics of learning are the presence of appreciation phase of the problem solving process. This study was a developmental research with adaptation of Borg & Gall developmental method. The indicator of innovative idea in studying Plant Anatomy was the complexity of the topics solved through the project assignment. The results showed an increase in the proportion of achievement in terms of study complexity during lectures.  At the beginning of the study on cell topics, the proportion of plant anatomy studies related to environmental conditions was below 0.2. At the end of the course on leaf topics increased to 0.7-0.8.The percentage of students who achieved completeness is 81- 85% at the end of the semester. The proportion of total indicators is passed is 0,76.