Management of Internalizing Religious Values in Integrated Islamic Primary Schools (SDIT) Iqrak I Bengkulu City

  • Puspa Djuwita Faculty of Teacher Training and Education University of Bengkulu


This research aims to find out; 1) Program planning of internalization of religious values (Islami) in Integrated Islamic Primary School (SDIT), Iqrak I; 2) To know the implementation of the program of internalization of religious values (Islami); 3) To know the implementation of monitoring and evaluation of internalization program of religious values; 4) Tofinds a strategy for solving problem which exist on the implementation of internalization of religious values (Islami)in SDIT Iqrak I.Research method using qualitative approach, data collected through observation, interview, and documentation. The informan are headmaster, teachers, parents of students (stake holder). Data analysis is done during the field and after in the field. Conclusions from this research are; 1) Planning the internalization program of religious values designed. 2) Program implementation starts from; (a) Carry out the five S (Salam, Senyum, Sapa, Sopan, dan Santun); (b) Habituate and accustom the students in prayer before carrying out every activity; (c) Obligatory prayer or circumcision, suggesting the students through the exemplary stories;(d) Memorize the holy verses in the Qur'an, and nasid; (e) Creating a warm emotional climate both in class and outside the class; (f) Give examples and exemplary in charity; (g) Developing a social attitude of concern and environment, 3) Monitoring and evaluation is done continuously and scheduled by the school leaders is the foundation of AL-Pida, and Brigade Penegak Disiplin Sekolah (BPDS). (4) There has been no significant constraints in the implementation of the internalization of religious values in SDIT Iqrak I.