The Use of Communicative Language Teaching in Maritime English Classes

  • Dyah Ratnaningsih Surabaya Merchant Marine Polytechnic
  • Faris Novandi Surabaya Merchant Marine Polytechnic
  • Anak Agung Istri Sri Wahyuni Surabaya Merchant Marine Polytechnic


The global trade has increased the role of the international transportations. The delivering of goods and passengers grows rapidly so do the transportations on land, sea and air. Ship as the water and sea transportation is the best choice to use since it can load more cargoes with lower cost than the other mass transportations. So, the shipping industry brings many opportunities for the economic growth of all countries since the crews are from different nationalities with various national languages. Therefore, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in the Standard Training and Watch  keeping 1978/95 amended in 2010 requires that mariners who speak different languages must have sufficient knowledge in English language. This research analyzed the improvement of students’ speaking ability through the use of Communicative Language Teaching when they had the Maritime English class. The methodology of this research was classroom action research and used the pre-test, post-test and t-test to know the significance level of the improvement. The result showed that the using of CLT improved the students’ speaking ability which support their competence level in Maritime English. Keywords: communicative language teaching, maritime English, speaking.