The dynamics of Banjaresee cultural mentality and the dynamic of guidance and counseling service management

  • Dr. Ali Rachman Universitas Lambung Mangkurat, Banjarmasin, Indonesia


The basic implementation process of guidance and counseling service influenced by dynamics of cultural mentality where it is implemented. Mechanism of implementation guidance and counseling  service to South Kalimantan community based on  Banjaresee community culture mentality emphasized on community who live in wet land riverbanks. Based on Banjaresee ethnic division there are two sub ethnic namely Banjar Batang Banyu that oriented on trading culture and Banjar Hulu Sungai that oriented on farming culture. Besides the two sub ethnic orientations, Banjaresee ethnic as a whole is familiar with the concept of "bubuhan" by accommodating Banjaresee cultural mentality in five traditional framework such as  deliberation and justice, mutual cooperation, equality, opposition and criticism. The whole Banjaresee culture mentality then  it is integrated to mechanism of guidance and counseling service start from needed analysis, planning until implementation  of guidance and counseling services. In analyzing the synthesis of writing this article use literature writing method.