Utilization of E-Learning in Improving the Quality of Learning

  • Andi Kristanto Universitas Negeri Surabaya, Surabaya, Indonesia


The purpose of this research is to describe the implementation of e-learning to improve the quality of Photo Media Development course. This research used the qualitative research method. The technique used to collect the data was by doing interview and documentation. The data been analyzed used descriptive qualitative, the result of data compilation which is based on lecturer is the qualitative data about the descriptive of e-learning implementation. Supporting data in the implementation of e-learning learning model includes components of the learning process that is required and the level of readiness of the lecturers and students in implementing e-learning. Based on the results of the deliberations of the research can be summed up several matters relating to the implementation of e-learning in classes, which are: the implementation of e-learning in lecture at the level of the Department has been providing quality improvement in the learning activities, and provide a positive impact to the various parties involved in learning activities.