Analysis of the instructional mistake in formulating indicator of attainmentcompetence on civic education in Elementary School

  • Mujtahidin Mujtahidin Universitas Trunojoyo Madura, Bangkalan, Indonesia


The aim of this study is to know the instructional mistakes in elaborating the basic competence (BC) into the indicator of attainment competence in arranging a lesson plan for Civic Education in Elementary School. This study applies descriptive qualitative research.The result shows that the teacher who has verified BC become good indicator for arranging lesson plan of Civic Education subjects. BC of Civic Education consists of BC formulation in operational BC and non-operational BC. In non-operasional BC formulation, there are some mistakes happened in intructional analysis while verifying BC which become the indicator of attainment com-petence. The instructional mistake in this case is that, the teacher who formulates the indicator is not detail, not comprehensive, and not sistimatic.